Spain: 10 Random Facts

I thought I would give you all some insider facts on Spain… Here we go!

1. Spaniards are excellent parallel parkers.

2. Bull Fighting is actually very controversial here.

3. When someone is attractive, Spaniards say they are “El Queso” or, “The Cheese”.

4. There are two types of universities here, public and private. Public is the most sought after because it is harder to pass the classes.

5. The super markets have a whole aisle dedicated to olive oil. Some brands come in 5 liter jugs.

6. Spaniards talk about sex with everyone. Their grandma, their uncle, strange American girls…

7. Women call a man with an ugly face and good body a shrimp. Shrimp in Spain are served whole, so one must rip off the head before eating.

8. Spain is in a recession right now.

9. Spaniards flip the bird like we do. Put that middle finger to use!

10. Sunflower seeds are extremely popular here. The Spanish are very talented at opening and eating them at great speeds.


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