My Mushroom Adventure

This weekend I was roped into an unexpected adventure. This is almost always the case because I can usually understand only seventy percent of what is spoken to me. I know something is going to happen to me but I don’t know when or how. This time it happened to be foraging for mushrooms on the Puerto De La Morcuera Mountain. I went with Pilar and her husband’s parents. They are very jolly in that elderly Spanish way, grabbing my hand and laughing at some joke I didn’t get. They do this to make me feel included and it works very well. We reached the trail head and split off into groups. Little did I know, this would be the coldest day of my life.
As Pilar and I hiked up the steep ravine, I began to notice how magical this forest was. It truly belonged in a story book. The stones were covered in a vivid, green moss and the sunlight seemed to sparkle down through the tall trees. Pretty darn ethereal. There were two kinds of “Boletas” that we were looking for. Some type of brown one and a bright orange one. That is the extent of my knowledge. I happened to find two giant brown ones at the very beginning of the venture.
I was super proud, not going to lie. Then things changed… It became wet and windy. Suddenly my sweater and fleece coat weren’t enough. Pilar and I hiked even farther up, not having any more luck. Somewhere along the way we lost track of our basket and gave up looking for it. With numb toes, we finally made it back to that van only to discover that someone else had the keys. It was miserable. All the while I was thinking, “I’m a Coloradoan, I should know better”. Moral of the story, never go mushroom hunting unprepared. Mushrooms are sneaky little bastards and you will receive no pity.


One thought on “My Mushroom Adventure

  1. Hi Maris! I’m a friend of your mom’s…my son was one of her students. She just told me you were in Spain and forwarded your blog site to me. I’m so jealous! It sounds like you are having the time of your life! I’m sure your Spanish is much better than mine! 🙂 Be safe, have fun, and relish every minute!


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