Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting a little place called Segovia. Segovia is this incredible town founded in the middle ages. The streets are narrow and twisting with the added thrill of cobblestones, so one must watch their step. Segovia is known for mainly two things: the Roman aqueduct that slices through the village and something called Cochinillo.
My second host family and I began our visit next to the aqueduct and crossed through the Muslim district. This district is filled with beautiful Andalusian arches and ornate diamonds carved into the walls of every Muslim building. Crossing the street, we entered the Christian settlement where we found the Cathedral of Segovia. I am a Cathedral lover. I could spend all day in those drafty, gargantuan halls made for God himself. The amazing work and inspiration that went into creating these gothic cathedrals astounds me. The goal of gothic architecture is to make the highest ceilings possible, according to my audio guide. Every detail of every bit of ornamentation must be perfect because a cathedral is literally God’s house. And you can bet he will notice.
We left the cathedral and immediately entered the Jewish district. You can tell because there is a small golden marker at the entryway with Hebrew on it.
These districts were able to coexist in peace for hundreds of years. That is pretty amazing given the history of these religions. Respect, Segovia! The main attraction of Segovia is the Alcazar, the favorite castle getaway of the Spanish royals in the middle ages. It is a fairly small castle compared to others, but its location is what makes it spectacular. It sits jutting out over this vast valley of rolling, Tuscan hills.
Segovia is well worth the drive through the Spanish mountains. It’s history is held close by the people who live there. It is already the favorite of my trip thus far. If you ever get the chance, make sure Segovia is at the top of your list! oh, and Cochinillo is a whole roasted piglet.


3 thoughts on “Segovia

  1. It is beautiful there! So happy for you! I am adding some of your comments to your letter of rec (e.g.: “I am a cathedral lover” — that’s good stuff!).


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