Have I Mentioned the Food? Part Dos

The food in Spain is crazy awesome. Every meal is something new and that is not an exaggeration. I went out to eat with my second family last Friday night and got to try some very diverse cuisine. First were the croquettas. They have the same concept at croquettes in the USA, mashed potato in a fried shell. But these croquettas were different. These had bull’s tail in them. One hot, savory bite and I was a fan. The next dish had shrimp and a number of squiggly gray noodles mixed in. When I asked what they were, all they could tell me was that they were “…the children of the snake fish.” So I’m guessing eel babies? I ate eel babies. Hm.
Saturday rolls around and Peter and Helga decide to take me to Madrid. The city is a gem. The buildings have stood there for centuries and are an array of mango yellows and tomato reds. The three of us stop at a bar and order beer. I have to say, I enjoy a small brew at lunch. We order olives and albondigas (meatballs). I overhear a loud American couple next to our group. They are in their fifties or sixties and very confused. I take pity on them and tell them that the potato salad is complementary and to not worry about paying for it. When their albondigas come, the woman exclaims loudly “How am I supposed to eat this? There are five of them!” Trying hard not to roll my eyes I reply, “They are delicious, just try them.” She loves them. Peter whispers to me, “Those are the tourist meatballs, we ordered the real ones.” I’m in good hands. Next, we visit San Miguel Market. The market place has been there since medieval times but now it is in a very sleek and modern building. What I love about San Miguel’s is that five hundred years ago, people were yelling at the top of their lungs, haggling over the price of eel babies and nothing has changed. Madrid is enchanting.



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