Have I Mentioned the Food?

When living in a Spanish household, activities are planned around food. In the morning, people usually have milk and cookies, or galletas (thin, think Lorna Doone), cereal and fruit. I was offered a whole mango once and I sincerely tried to finish it. Pilar shops every other day at the super market for fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables. When she buys food, it will be used either that night or the following night. Spaniards don’t shop for a week’s worth of food like Americans do. They keep relatively empty refrigerators because they only buy what they know they are going to use. They don’t have to worry about finding the bad smell in the fridge because everything is eaten within two days of being bought. That being said, portion sizes are huge here. My first family took me to a restaurant the day I arrived in Madrid. Everyone ordered a pizza and I asked for some type of appetizer. When the food came, I almost cried. Each person had a large pizza in front of them. And my appetizer? Five large slices of tomato with mozzarella and basil and there I was, still full from the macaroni and cheese on the plane. On Sunday, Pilar made me paella. Middle class families like the this one can’t afford saffron, so they use other spices. The paella was amazing. At first what I thought were bits of hotdog turned out to be little slivers of squid. Go figure. The muscles and clams were fresh and unlike any other seafood I have tried. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that Spain probably has THE best seafood in the world. It’s totally awesome to enjoy food like this.


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