First Impressions

Well… 24 hours later here I am, sitting in my new home. I’m pretty sure there is no humanly way possible to position an airplane pillow comfortably. But I sure tried. My host parents were there to greet me when I finally arrived. They are very kind. I had churros con chocolate for breakfast which was fantastic. Pilar, my host mother, explained to me that the father goes to the churro bakery on Saturday mornings to get the churros for the family. Sure enough, there was a long line of tired looking men waiting in the shop. The hot chocolate is unbelievably thick, so dipping the churro is the best way to go. As I sat there timidly dunking my churro, I realized how tall everyone in the family is. They have to bend down when they kiss me hello. Yes. Kiss me hello. Can’t say I was prepared for that one. But when in Spain, right?
Buena suerte!


5 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. I will be watching your wonderful adventure via your blog. Hope you are having an amazing adventure and I bet you will have a great grasp of Spanish by the time you are done!


  2. Ah yes, the kissing Spaniards! I remember the open affection in this beautiful country. The people are so loving and expressive. You will have many adventures – I look forward to reading your journey.


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